Raksha Bandhan – A Promise Forever

I was standing on the shore with sand sliding beneath my feet, staring at the beautiful sunset thinking about her. There were some children giggling and playing around making sand castles here and there. I could see my childhood in them. While I was watching them my childhood flashed by.
How our parents used to take us to the beach, we siblings used to behave like as what they say “typical junglees”. Our small moments of happiness used to get converted into silly fights in no time,but it used to get resolved quickly too. Just as the sun began to disappear in the horizon, it struck me how far my sister was from me today. I know she is busy in her new life and also know she is just a call away but I could feel the distance since she is at one side of the shore and I’m at the other. The closer I’ll move I’ll burn my inner soul because I’m missing her so much this Raksha Bandhan. My wrist felt bare where she use to tie a strong thread filled with loads of emotions demanding a promise that I’ll protect her till my last breath.


Sisters Marriage – Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is more of dancing and performing on peppy Bollywood numbers. We were no different. We were on the same track as others were.

She was sitting idle staring at our photo album. Her face was glowing but eyes were gloomy. She saw me and gave me a vague smile and told me to come and sit next to her. For the very first time, I followed what she said without annoying her. I couldn’t stop myself. She held my hand and looking straight into my eyes asked me to fulfill her one single wish.


She said “The day of Sangeet Ceremony will be our last Rakhi together. In the coming days, I’ll be flying to a different world with new people. This Rakhi I don’t want any gift or money from you. I need something else… “

“Shoot” I said.

“You bring the best out of me. I Want to dance my heart out on this sangeet, only with you. I know you are not much into dancing but it doesn’t matter I just want to live the moment with you.That’s it.” she said with a heavy heart.

I just held her hands and said: “Will do for sure”.

We shared a tight hug. I could sense her fast heartbeat. I could do anything to make it normal.


Sangeet Day:

After heck lot of preparations, bruises and pains, we were ready to set the stage on fire. Our Chemistry rocked the occasion and the crowd just couldn’t stop applauding our performance.

That day I saw her eyes. I could see a sparkle in it after a long time. She was celebrating her day. It was the happiest moment of my life, eternal bliss as they say.

She tied me the Rakhi and said “Thank You” with tears rolling down her cheeks.

In a few days, she got hitched and flew to a different world leaving me behind.

As they say, priorities change. Her Priorities changed too. Post Marriage talking to her became less frequent. Her attention got distributed. I cannot take for granted that all her stuff is mine. I cannot boss over her etc. But our Love and Dostana for each other will never change. It will remain their till the end of our lives.

On this Rakshabandhan, I just wish if I can time travel and go back to those golden days and relive those special moments with her. I know, I can’t be with her all the time but my blessings can. Who else better than sendmygift.com which can deliver my emotions correctly to her at the right time at the right moment.

Author – NimeshMadanDas


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