Friends are the Family we Choose

We all have friends and acquaintances – there are school friends, college friends, office friends, family friends, best friends, best friends forever (BFF) and the list goes on. Well, if you give a thought to this whole friendship thing, “best friend is not a person, its a level of friendship.” Your best friend or friends have come along a long way with you. They have seen most of your successes and failures. They have seen you laugh your heart out and have wiped your tears in the silence of the night. You know your secrets are safe with them. You can be mad at them without fearing that they will leave because you know they’ll always love you no matter what. To be precise your best friends know you inside-out.

Since ages we have witnessed some great friendship where friends have held each others hands in the best and worst of times. From ancient world friends like Duryodhana-Karna, Hamlet-Horatio, Achilles-Patroclus to Sherlock Holmes-Dr. Watson and Jai-Veeru, this blessed relationship has passed through all times and tides. Even the new age friends like Mowgli-Baloo, Woody-Andy-Buzz, Regina-Cady, Akash-Sid-Sameer, Shinchan-Shiro and the most famous of all Harry-Hermione-Ron have taught us a lot. They have taught us that when the whole world despises you, your best friend will be there to comfort you. They have taught us that your best friends can go to any extent to help you sometimes even putting themselves into danger. They have taught us that you might have differences at times but then you come back together stronger than ever. They have also taught us that you can find your best friend in your pet. People look up to these best friends and want a friendship as true as theirs. Blessed are the ones who have their best friends by their sides till the last breath of their lives.

It is said that if a friendship lasts for seven years it would last forever; however, I don’t agree with this. Well, time is obviously a big factor because when you have spent years together you know each other just too much. But its a fact that you also might have a friend at your new office with whom you like to sing a song or two while taking breaks from work. You might also have became great friends with some random aunty you met in the park.

But “Sugar and spice and everything nice that’s what Best Friends Forever” are made of.

One of the weirdest fact is that your best friend hates the same person that you hate even without knowing who it is. She is your most brutal critic and your biggest fan. BFF’s never judge each other but they judge other together. BFF’s are super humans, they have the power of telepathy. They can talk about what not without others getting the slightest clue of what is being talked about.
While I write this I can feel every memory….every emotion that I had spent with my BFF rampaging through my mind that too on a loop.

Our secrets, our laughter, our tears!

How I would go shopping with her on a sunny afternoon and bargain out good deals when she couldn’t. How she would bravely taste my disastrous gastronomic odysseys without making a face. How I became her lab rat when she wanted to try out a new makeup or hair tutorial.


I found out what the secret to life is: friends, best friends, best friends forever!

And on this friendship day when the whole world is celebrating I am missing mine and I know she too misses me. Though I know we live in different cities far apart. We have very little time for each other as she’s busy with her life I am busy with mine… I also know she’s just a call away; however, I think that I’ll send her something good this friendship day and surprise her. Something that brings back our memories in her mind….something that’ll make her smile.

SendMyGift is an amazing gifting portal. They have the widest range of gifts for any kind of occasion at amazing offers. The best part about them is that they deliver for free across the country.  So, I’ll pick a nice gift and send it to her.

What are your friendship day plans? Let us know in the comments below.

Author – Niharika Choudhary


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