Know What To Gift Your Mom

When the shudder of frugality surrounds.

When nothing by the side is found.

It’s a phase when no one comes around;

There’s one being whose touch is mild and sound.

How to deal with the mess; she has knowledge profound.

It’s none other than the being so polite.

The heart of Gold and who listens to every plight.

She’s the mother and no one else in the world so wide.



Well, that is how the touch of a mother is. And to celebrate her existence, that is, Mother’s day, what do we really do? We just wish her. Call her up in the morning. Or at the most, get a flower for her.  Is that enough? No. Now, say enough to this enough and read below some exclusive gifting ideas on mother’s day.

Here’s the list-

  1. Classy jewelries for her- Pick some beautiful and elegant jewelry for her and wrap it with the soft touch of your love. Adorn her love with a trendy jewelry set and she will be amazed to see your way of pampering your mum.Traditional Necklace Set
  2. Array of wax candles– Every mom loves to bedeck her house as much as she loves to adorn herself. To her delight gift her some beautiful wax candles of various pretty shapes. They will brighten your home as well as your mother’s heart with amity.
  3. Showpieces will also make for a nice gift– Add more value to it by selecting the religious ones. Gift her Radha-Krishna idol or a Ganesha idol to wish her with affection.Radha Krishna Idol
  4. Celebrate with the best Mom’s trophy– This best option is to award her with the ‘World’s Best Mom’s trophy’ and how you will do that? Simple, get a coffee mug, an award, or an apron for your master chef supermom. That really will do wonders.
  5. A Pooja thali–  Gift her a Pooja thali and see her amazement cross all boundaries.

So, here are the few ideas and you can always think of something on your own to surprise her.

Author- Soumi Mukherjee


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