Gift your Maa, something truly, genuinely Indian

While our mothers bestow us with many stalwart sanskaras, there’s one thing, she also teaches us and that is to be selfless. Among all those deep-rooted traditions, there’s one thing we forget. It is praising our mum.mothers-day We follow everything she teaches us. We ought to listen to her in all ways. Especially when we are grown up, we tend to understand things, her preached morals and values and mold in it and behave accordingly to be a part of our society. Amidst all the teachings, preaching, love, what we forget is praising. We just miss it somehow and, anyone hardly bothers. May be, at the end, Indian society takes a women’s efforts to shape her family as her duty. Whatever it takes it as, but what we do matters the most. So, what do we really do? Do we think about her? Do we think, of what will delight her? Not always.

This mother’s day, let’s sworn to take it seriously. Let’s bring a change. Let’s think out of the box and bring to our maa some overwhelming desi gifts.


Now, coming to gifts in India, what can be more Indian than a sari? The best gift for any Indian lady. This mother’s day, gift your mum, a bright, wonderful surprise.

Let some jewelry glorify the beauty of her attire. Some Indian made earrings or a set of necklace and earrings will do a great bit. Let thesedad ethnic gifts churn the eternal ace in her.

There’s one more thing that you can gift her and she will be filled with tears, seeing your sanskaras! How about a Pooja Thali? You’re giving a touch of completeness to her devotion. She will be captivated by your sense of gifting this time if you go with this one. Her devout will find a meaning with your understanding of the religious beliefs, she blended you with while bringing you up.

Go get some good Indian gifts for your mother, this mother’s day.

Author–  Soumi  Mukherjee


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