Ever Lasting Memories Of Life

Memories!!! We take a deep breath whenever we talk about it. Whenever we find something from our past, flashback starts and one by one old chapter reopens in our mind. Some bring a smile and some tears. Tears don’t come for something wrong, it’s because we want so badly to go back into that moment. We should cherish each and every day with our loved ones because everything gets fade away but memories don’t. It is like a treasure.  And we secured these treasures in the form of pictures and presents. Both are so important in our life.


Without a picture, how can we remember how we looked like? , Our first step, 1st birthday, 1stprize, school days, college days and many more. We take picturesor photos to capture the special moment and save for the future. We appreciate these memories by decorating our home with beautiful and creative frames or collages.

Whenever Ithink to clean my old case, I get excited. Obviously not to clean, to go through my old gifts, momentum, prizes or ten years old dress. And those old presents help me to recall my dear ones and our friendship. It makes me laugh when I see that instrument box, for which I and my brother fought. Then a cute teddy with a sweet message makes me remember of my best friend.I think this not only happens with me, every person in this world come across this.

Anniversary Gifts

From a Birthday to Anniversary gifts, all are so exceptional and a very significant part in our life. Do efforts to become a good memory for someone by making them special and definitely, an expressive present will help you to make this happen. Check out SendMyGift, Our website has a wide collection of gifts for each and every relation. Most important we deliver emotions.


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