Gifting trends have changed over the years?

How gifting trends have changed over the years?

The motive of gifting is not restricted to any particular occasion or events, it is considered as a compassionate gesture to show that you care for them. Now, this might raise inquisitiveness about the concept of gifting like when and how the entire thing did start, and why it has evolved to become such an integral part appreciating, motivating, caring etc.

The essence of any special occasion is emphasized by presenting gifts of all generations, whether it’s a loved one’s birthday or giving tribute to the contribution of employees in an organization.

Whether it is any festive event or congratulating your colleague on their achievement, gifts play a vital role in conveying the heartfelt feelings. This will strengthen the coordination along with the relationship.

The act of exchanging Gifts during the events has been there long before the Ancient Rome. In those days, they were exchanged during the New Year celebrations. And it’s choices were for the token of caring and symbolic, which comprised of few branches from a blessed grove or food and precious spices.

Christmas is the festival, where Giftcards are widely used as the gesture of thanksgiving and wishing good luck to friends, relatives and family. Then comes the Valentine’s Day, which is second most card sending celebrations between lovebirds. As a result, it has become a tool for expressing gratitude and kindness.

In today’s generation, the excitement and thrill involved in receiving a gift parcel from the dear one are overwhelming at the greater extent, because it is responsible for an agreeable smile that decorates the face while unpacking the surprise box.

As our world gets connected with the aid of technology, the geographical boundaries have been rise above with them with the evolution of several online gifting portals. Therefore, it has changed the style in which we step into the gift store, and brainstorming to discover the perfect gift to our sweet ones.

Now with the numerous collections of options available and the various ideas on gifting needs, it is easier to pick the best and relevant one with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

This drastic cultural shift of choosing gifts from the online store has made it possible for us to send them across the globe without any hassle.

Giving a Gift
Giving a Gift

The perspective of the youngster towards welcoming the appreciation from their dear ones differs greatly as compared to their elder ones. Especially, when it comes to sharing feeling towards the sweethearts as the token of appreciation and wishing create memories, which can’t be erased.

A gift parcel holds the truthful words of love and affection, and its traditional offering on any festival generate a unique set of excitement because recipient awaits the revelation of the treasure embedded inside a delightfully wrapped box.

Author:  Madhu Prasad is a blogger and content strategist in today’s noisy online marketing world. He uses words to offer wise ideas and solution with good research oriented write-ups.


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