Who would have thought that something as common as hugging can have amazing benefits on one’s life? Well, scientists did. We just didn’t know about it until now.


Studies have revealed that hugging can actually reduce the fear of mortality inside us. Hugging something inanimate like a teddy bear at night can also provide a stress-free environment. So, it is not only limited to humans.


Hugging also lowers the blood pressure. So, if you are at the risk of having high blood pressure, go hug someone right away. A hug is definitely no less than a medicine.


Hugging also releases oxytocin. Yes, the chemical responsible for all of us being here today. It acts as a positive enhancer of mood, not to mention the dropping of stress levels on us.

Apart from all these health benefits, hugs are also a great motivator. In football fields, it is common to see group hugs every quarter. It is because the more you hug with your mates, the bond become stronger and you are motivated to do your best.


So, to sum it up, go hug someone right away. Come on, you will definitely feel better about yourself. Go on. Send my gift


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