Celebrating Valentines: Strange Facts and Traditions

          The word called “Love” is so beautiful and divine that the whole creation revolves around it. Love gives a meaning and a reason to live. Love is unconditional and this is that one thing which you give and it multiplies. People say you can fall in love in a matter of seconds, according to a research study it takes only 8.2 seconds for men to fall in love. The longer a man’s eyes rest on a woman when they meet at first, the more interested he is. If the length of time he stares at a woman crosses the 8.2 seconds parameter, it is said that he is already in love. However same is not true for women, they take the comparatively longer time to fall in love. Some researchers say that it’s a mere chemical fusion wherein three main neurotransmitters are involved in making you fall in love; adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.


Irrespective of what facts say it’s a universal truth that being in love is the most beautiful and Cloud 9 feeling and is celebrated since time immemorial. Though there is no season or time to love and be loved, February month has been dedicated to giving expression to your feelings and say them aloud. While there are a million ways to celebrate valentines; some strange and funny traditions exist across the world that you would have never heard of.

China :

Message Hidden in Number of Roses: In China, the number of roses contains a message want to convey. One rose means “you are my only love”, 11 roses means “You are my favorite,” 99 roses means “I promise to love you forever,” and 108 roses means “Proposing to marry”


Denmark :

Secret Admiration:   Boys and girls play a game called Gaekkebrev, write funny rhymes or love notes, but sign with a dotted pattern instead of name. If the recipient guesses the name right, she or he gets a prize


Brazil :

Random Names:  Youngsters in Brazil write the names of their secret crushes on a piece of paper fold them and keep in a piece of a hat, then draw a name randomly. The name that is drawn is regarded as the one perfect to get married to


Great Britain:

Dreaming of Life Partner – Young girls in Britain keep 4 bay leaves under their pillow and eat an egg with salt removing yolk. They believe, by doing this, they will dream of their future husbands. There is another tradition where girls would write names of boys they have a crush on, stick on a clay ball and drop in water. Whichever paper comes up, that name is regarded as their future husband

South Korea:

Mourn being Single: In Korea, if any girl or boy does not receive chocolates or presents from anyone, they mourn their single status by eating black noodles in a Chinese restaurant


Love is a fantasy and everyone dreams about it till it finally comes true and they find their special someone. It’s real strange when 2 souls develop feeling for someone they hardly know, so strong that they dare to do the craziest of things for each other and to be together.  So bring your crazy fantasies alive and surprise her with best gifts this Valentine. Send my gift takes pleasure in inviting you for a Romantic Gifting!! And make this season of love memorable for your beloveds.


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